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Provider-Administered Drug Policies (Excluding Oncology Drugs)

Provider-administered drugs require that a member’s medical condition meets the policy requirements prior to being given (precertification). Providers must submit a request for pre-service review in order to be approved. If the provider does not receive approval for precertification, the plan will pay no benefits. 

Note: Coverage is subject to the member's specific benefits. Group-specific benefits will supersede these policies when applicable. Always check eligibility and benefits through your local Blue Plan provider portal or your practice management system to confirm member-specific benefits. 

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Note: Members can request a copy of a drug policy by calling the Customer Service number on their ID card.

Provider-Administered Drugs Requiring Precertification

Precertification through Magellan Rx is required for the provider-administered drugs on the following list when administered in a provider’s office, outpatient facility or home health setting; precertification does not apply to inpatient hospital claims at this time.

Provider-Administered Drug Precertification List 

How to submit a precertification request to Magellan Rx:


Go to your local plan's provider portal to initiate pre-service review (Electronic Provider Access) for these services for out-of-area members. Contact your local Blue Plan for more information on how to access this functionality in your local provider portal.

By Phone

  • Call Magellan Rx at 1-800-424-8270
  • Urgent requests must be called in to Magellan Rx. Do not submit urgent requests online.

Provider-Administered Specialty Drugs

The provider-administered specialty medications on the list below must be obtained and billed by an in-network medical specialty pharmacy.

Provider-Administered Specialty Pharmacy Drug List